Orange Walk


The Hidden Treasure of Orange Walk


Orange Walk otherwise known as “Sugar City”, is known for its diversity as visitors come to explore the untouched jungles, Mayan sites and try their famous street tacos. Due to the Spanish influence in the area, Spanish and Creole are the most common spoken language.


Orange Walk Highlights

Lamanai Archaeological Site

Cuello Archaeological Site

La Milpa archaeological site

Nohmul Archaeological Site

Street Tacos



How to Get to Orange Walk



Orange Walk Town is approximately 55 miles (87km) from Belize City.



There are two local Commuter airlines, Tropic Air and Maya Island Air, are good options for flying in to the area.



If you are trying to travel to Orange Walk Town economically, there are numerous buses leaving Belize City each day. Regular Buses fare is $XX BZ ($XXUS), and $XX BZ ($XXUS) for express (non-stop). For click to view Northern bus schedule.



Head north on the Phillip Goldson Highway, also known as the Northern Highway for about an hour and 15 min drive.

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